Your personal data is always protected with us and the processing follows current data protection rules as well as our internal guidelines and routines.

We do not save any information that you have not provided yourself, unless it is relevant to your purchase or experience as a customer and we always inform you about what information we save. Of course, as a customer you can always request that we change or delete your stored personal information. 

Your personal information is used for:

Payment Management of your order(s)

Order confirmations


Newsletter if you have given permission to use your email address (you can always unsubscribe whenever you want).

However, your email address is always stored in our systems, partly so that we know if you have registered or unregistered for mailing, and linked to your orders.

We never store any payment card or social security numbers as this is handled by our payment providers. You can find their data protection policy here :

Paypal :

Klarna : 

Google pay : )