About Us

Skogen Baby was born after searching for a baby gift and realizing the massive amount of single-use plastic that dominates the aisles of nearly every single store out there. Our generation is constantly thinking of ways to ensure that the future generations of our world live in a clean and safe environment. Why not start with items that babies often use starting from day one? That is when Stefan, the founder of Skogen Baby decided on a climate-smart pacifier.

While parents often get busy and buy what is readily available, our team is striving to put our products in the most convenient of places to enable you to make environmentally conscious decisions from the day your baby is welcomed to the world. 

Our team believes we need to reduce the use of our planet’s finite resources as we are currently living on borrowed time. Skogen Baby contributes to this goal by manufacturing climate-smart and sustainable products for young children. We also ensure that everyone who has a share in Skogen Baby’s production chain has a positive working condition which is why we have chosen to manufacture our products in Sweden. Did you know “Skogen” means forest in Swedish? 

For us, it is important to have a transparent production chain where we strive to constantly improve and optimize to ensure our products are truly sustainable and climate-friendly. Our packaging is simple, but we chose it this way because we want to use as little as possible. We also choose climate-smart shipping when we can, and a package that can be sent in the regular mail (also convenient for you as a parent, because who has time to go and pick up a package?) 

The material we have chosen to use is bio-based with a very high degree of renewable resources (up to 97%) with the ability to bind C02 from the atmosphere. The material our pacifiers are derived from is also free from chemicals, all contributing factors ensuring we do not eliminate Mother Nature’s resources. 



Our team also thinks it is important to not only have a climate-smart product but to also give back from the resources our products are derived from. That is why we are transparently planting a tree for every pacifier sold. You are also able to see where this tree is planted because as we mentioned before, transparency is just as important as sustainability!