Meet The Skogen Baby Pacifier

Meet the new pacifier on the block, the Skogen Baby Pacifier.
Designed, Manufactured and Shipped from Sweden. 

SKOGEN means Forest in Swedish. Say it with us: SKO - GEN. 

While it may be called different names around the world, the Skogen pacifier has been designed to ensure each generation of newborns support Mother Nature from the day they are born. This "nap" is made in Sweden, derived from renewable resources, does not harm mother nature, and is carbon positive.

The Skogen vision aims to do our part in the journey to ending global single use plastic pollution starting from the day a baby is born to the day they are grown. While every product in the world has an impact on the environment, we promise to make our supply chain as transparent as possible, giving you the facts on how to shop smarter, while consuming less. We will also start to grow a"Skogen" of trees as we will plant a tree for every pacifier sold. You will also be able to see where that tree is planted.

Transparency is our main goal, helping you understand the impact of products that you consume not only for your baby, but for yourself. If you are aware and educated, you are must more likely to make a lot of small changes in your life that adds up! 

Each baby is unique 

We understand that each and every person on our planet is different, and everyone seems to like different things. That is why our pacifier comes with 3 different teat options, ensuring your baby is always happy (after all, a pacifier can be like the world's best noise cancelling head phones if you catch our drift). 

The options: Orthodonic, Symmetrical & Round. You can even buy our "Welcome To The World" pack if you are a first time parent and want to know what your baby likes. If you recycle your pacifiers you can even score a nice discount on your next purchase. 


The Round Teat

The Orthodontic Teat

The Symmetrical Teat