Looking for pictures of your newborn? Look no further! Mrs Frankie - Newborn-photographer

Hi Skogen-family! We just wanted to give you a little tip about one of our ambassadors and good friends who share our philosophy and love for mother nature! Her name is Ida and she's a newborn and baby photographer operating from her studio just outside of Stockholm. We asked her a couple of questions about who she is, what she does and how it works :

So Ida, tell us a bit about yourself!  

Hi! My name is Ida Bonazzi and I run Mrs Frankie where I work as a newborn-photographer. Over the years, newborns and babies have become my favourite subjects to photograph which is why I fixed up the studio and started doing this full time 7 years ago. 

My images are often described as warm, with soft contrasts, deep shadows and a lot of emotions, intimacy and coziness. All the details that we want to remember when our small ones grow up and maybe even details we tend to forget over time. These emotions and details should decorate your walls! Walls that filled with your life and makes you smile when you pass them. Pictures that make you skip that extra break at work to get off early and go pick up your small ones from daycare and school. That is the reason why you should book me! 

So newborn photography and what else?

A lot of my clients who book newborn-photography or child-photography also book a pregnancy-shoot, since that's where the journey begins. Now that's a great thing to have and look back at right? And it's not just for you, the parents, it's also a great gift to give to your children later on in life! 


When do you normally do the different shoots? 

The newborn-shoot usually takes around 2-3 cozy hours and is done around the age of 2-3 weeks. It's the perfect first excursion and what's better than having that be a moment to see your loved one getting photographed for the first time?

Baby-shoots and children-shoots normally takes place when your child is 5+ months old. I have access to a lot of props like beautiful baskets, chairs and toys. Family and sibling pictures are also a great bonus and there's time for that too! 

That's all from me - hope to see you in the near future!

All the best,
Ida Bonazzi